Because I Love Their Safety

Welcome to BILT Safety, where your story can save a life!

Darian Gaines, President and Owner of Bilt-Safety had thoughts of this company several years back when she had a frightening experience of her own. She was driving on 275 around the Ward’s Corner Road exit, when she put on her left blinker to change lanes. She looked in her rear view and side mirrors and didn’t see anything. However, when she went to go in the other lane, she almost ran a lady biker off the road. The biker had to go into the other lane quickly and Darian felt awful. She didn’t see the rider. Darian’s significant other rides motorcycles and when she was leaving his house one day, she went to turn left and she looked both ways before pulling out, didn’t see a biker but a biker was coming around the bend and when she pulled out she almost hit him. She has reason with her boyfriend being a rider to be cautious but also because of the couple of experiences she has had. She says, “You can never be too careful”.

Her idea for this company centers on awareness of sharing the road with bikers and understanding that you have to look both ways and look again. “It is about knowing that there are blind spots and to be very cautious”, says Darian. She explained, “One day I was sitting at a red light and looked up and saw the oil change sticker on my top, front windshield and I said to myself, I need to create a sticker like that to serve as a reminder to watch out for bikers at all times”.

After much planning, she will be launching these removable window clings mid- summer. Her company motto is “Because I Love Their Safety” (BILT-Safety). The website is up and running and there is a section where anyone can leave a testimony about how they or someone they love have been affected by a motorcycle accident. Please share with friends and leave your personal testimony. The company will be looking at these and donating to charities that have been created to raise funds for those people affected by motorcycle tragedies.

You can join our email list or follow us on facebook to find out when the clings will be available for purchase.

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