We care about your safety and ours!


This video is a great example of why safety on the road is important…

Here is the link to see the video…powerful!


BILT Safety was created for a reason.  Darian Gaines had a terrifying experience not seeing a motorcycle on the highway.  The bike was in her blind spot.  She veered in time and did not hit the biker, Thank God!   The video in this blog is of an experience that resulted in the death of the biker.  Sometimes things that happen to us create enough of an impression to make us move, create, do!  That is how BILT Safety was born- out of a mess, a message!  B. I. L. T. is an acronym for Because I Love Their and then add safety and you have got BILT Safety.  This company stands for a message to all drivers- to watch out, BE SAFE!  Much like the sticker you get from an oil change to remind you of your next oil change, BILT safety stickers remind you to look out for motorcycles, bikes or not to text and drive.  Visit our website at biltsafety.com, like our face book page.  Help us remind people to drive safe!

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