Here are the stories of families who have been affected by accidents involving motorcycles, bikes and texting. Help us to promote safety awareness to avoid these kinds of stories in the future.

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Lost a dear friend...

Eight years ago I lost a dear friend in a tragic motorcycle accident. On that day his family members lost a son, husband a father and a brother. I cannot express the magnitude of loss that we all experienced at that time. Being an experienced rider, and a lover of motorcycles, no one was concerned when he decided to take a quick ride to his hometown of Indianapolis. M had been up and down the road too many times to count.
M never made it to Indianapolis that day alive, He was killed instantly in a motorcycle accident. I cannot stress the importance of being aware of our surroundings and motorcycle riders when driving. The slightest distraction can lead to tragic consequences. A tragic accident occurred on that fateful day, and while I am sure that the drivers involved feel horrible about the circumstances that surround that day. A life was lost, and all we have left are memories of a beautiful human being.

J Bonner

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