Salt, Pot Holes, Snow!  Watch Out When Riding!

motorcycle on snowy road

Winter has struck in Ohio and all over the USA for that matter.  The last week or so have been rough on the roads.  This coming week, the temperatures are supposed to get up to 50!  Thinking of riding your bike?  Think about this…All this snow and salt are going to turn to slush and nasty stuff.  Salt is hard to get rid of completely.  Salt not only wreaks havoc on metal, but also on traction.  Be aware of those salt crystals on the roads while out riding.  As the temps climb at bit, and Spring gets closer and the bikes come out, be aware of the conditions the roads will be in. Salt may still be lurking, pot holes and cracks in the road can also be dangerous.  Check out this blog for some great ideas on how to protect your bike from the harsh salt.  Harley Davidson has a good forum for riding in the winter with salt on the roads…click here to check it out! Remember to always check your bike’s tire pressure before riding in these conditions.  Optimal traction is very important if you will be riding in the winter.  This time of year is ugly, cold and not great for riding.  On a brighter note, Friday, March 20th is the first day of Spring.  That’s about 20 days away!! So get ready and start making plans for when and where you will be riding your bike!  As always, DRIVE SAFE!

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