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Kids, Husbands, Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, and Friends need to remember safety.  Every day the news reports accidents, some fatal, some not, but all of them have lasting effects on everyone involved.  What would each person involved say if asked “What if you could redo that moment?”  I bet they would say they wished they would be more careful, remember to look both ways, take the time to watch out for what they are doing and what others are doing.  I bet some would say they wished they hadn’t look at that phone message, listened to that ding that they had an email.  Statistics say that five seconds is the average time your eyes are off the road to look at a text or email on your phone.  When traveling at 55 mph that covers the length of a football field.  Check out the details at

Safety reminders are important for everyone.  Bilt Safety has created window decals and bumper stickers to help remind ourselves and others to WATCH OUT on the road!  Check out our Bilt Safety face book page for more pictures, videos, links and other safety info.  Check out our decals on our Bilt Safety website


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