Go out and make a difference!


I just created a pinterest for BILT Safety.  We are trying to get the word out about safety and how important it is. What a difference it can make!  The idea behind our stickers and decals is that we want people to be safe, we want people to understand how easily a life can be lost and how senseless it is when a life is lost over carelessness.  We want people to be reminded how precious life is.  We want people to know they can make a difference, just by remembering to THINK about safety.  Our world is filled with so much violence and hatred already and there are so many things that make us feel hopeless, like how could one person make a difference in this world of over 7 billion people.  One person can make a difference.  Think about this, what if everyone decided to do one thing to make a difference.  WOW, that would be a lot of cool things happening.  Some things we can all start doing to make a difference, wake up each day and be thankful.  Make it a goal to smile at one person, to offer one compliment to one person, and hug someone, a friend or family member.  Today, go out and make a difference, oh and be safe!

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