Bilt Safety


What does that mean?

Bilt Safety is a new company created in 2014 by a woman living in Loveland, Ohio.  Darian Gaines, the owner had one simple goal and she said, “I want to start a company that promotes safety for everyone”.  BILT is an acronym for Because I Love Their.  Add that to safety and you have Bilt Safety’s tagline, “Because I Love Their Safety”.

What do we sell?

We currently sell made in the USA car window decals and bumper stickers that serve as a reminder to remember to drive safe and be aware of motorcycles, bicycles, and phones.  We have started out with 3 basic decals:  one with a motorcycle to promote watching out for motorcycles when driving, one with a bicycle to promote watching out for those riding on bicycles, and finally one with a cell phone marked out to promote a no phone zone while driving.  Our decals have been used on car windows, cell phones, computer cases, and many other places where you can put them to remind yourself about safe driving.  We also have bumper stickers available.  Go to our website at

Who is our target market?

Everyone who drives or knows someone who drives!  Also, not for profit companies who want to partner with us to sell our decals and raise funds for their causes.  We do encourage any non profit who wants to sell our decals and stickers to contact us for more information about how they can raise funds for their organization, email us at  Join our mission today!


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